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10 Tips For Building Muscles Fast

The following 10 tips are the definitive guide to building muscle fast:

1.Strength training

Weight-training beats everything else for building muscle. Body-weight exercises (calisthenics), gymnastics, cardiovascular work, all may build some muscle for total beginners but only by a little.

This is because increasing resistance is not possible with these other forms of exercise.

  1. Body Adaptation

Body muscles should be pushed out of comfort zones over time for muscles to have a reason to grow.

Basically, this means training for muscle hypertrophy.

  1. Use Free Weights.

It basically safe (prevent from injuries), efficient (trains control and balance) and versatile (hundreds of exercises can be done with just one barbell). Most importantly, the heaviest weights can be lifted this way.


  1. Do Compound and isolation exercises.

They involve many muscle groups simultaneously and induce the release of growth hormone in the body. They can be defined as exercises that involve rotary motion around more than one joint. Key compound examples are squats and deadlifts. Isolation exercise involve rotary movement around one joint e.g dumbbell bicep curls. It helps after base strength and muscle mass is built.

  1. Train Your Legs.

One important exercise to do is squats, where they work out your whole body. All muscles tenses and thus work as one. When squats and dead lifts are done, bigger arms is definitely a result.


  1. Do Full Body Workouts.

Body part exercise splits with isolation exercises is fine once you’ve built a foundation. This means workouts of 1 hour each and includes exercises like Squats, Dead lifts, Bench Press, Barbell Rows, Overhead Press, Pull-ups, Dips, etc.

  1. Get Recovery.

Avoid overtraining by getting enough rest (muscles grow during rest time) and enough sleep (growth hormores are release). This means 3 body full body workouts per feet (focus on intensity rather than duration) and aiming for an 8 hours sleep per day.

8.Eat Whole Foods. 

Lower body fat will be obtained with whole foods instead of processed food.

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9.Eat More.

The body needs to be supplied with food for optimal recovery. Six meals per day is a start, where protein is supplied consistently; muscle repair and metabolism is boost.


10. Diet for weight gain

Eat calorie dense food, drink whole milk and most importantly, get enough protein.


An additional step is for you to persist. 

Get stronger, record your progress and until the outcome that you want is achieved.


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